Barcelona, 24 July 2018. Today saw the signing of an agreement by Special State Delegate in the Consorci de la Zona Franca (CZFB) Pere Navarro and General Manager of Fira de Barcelona ​​Constantí Serrallonga whereby the CZFB will become the main sponsor of Barcelona Industry Week, an event organised by Fira de Barcelona that includes three exhibitions on innovation and industrial transformation focused on solutions of the economy 4.0.

Barcelona Industry Week will take place from 16 – 18 October on the trade fair sites in Montjuïc and Gran Vía. A total of 21,000 visitors and 450 exhibitors are expected to attend to learn more about innovation at three unique events: HEALTHIO (a health sector event), In(3D)ustry From Needs To Solutions (on 3D printing) and IoT Solutions World Congress (on the Internet of Things).

The Consorci de la Zona Franca’s involvement in Barcelona Industry Week will materialise in a series of workshops whose slogan is “Inspiring the industrial future”. They will address the impact of the fourth industrial revolution to reveal the opportunities and challenges presented by the digital economy to different sectors in their respective areas.

According to Navarro, “the Consorci is committed to innovation and new production processes, both key factors for ensuring business competitiveness and social well-being, and in this sense we believe in guiding small and medium-sized enterprises toward advanced production systems such as the additive or 3D printing”. This new technology will soon have its own headquarters in Barcelona with a DFactory Incubator, a high-technology incubator for new industrial projects promoted by the CZFB with support from the European Union.

Serrallonga added that Barcelona Industry Week “aims to be a tool to support companies facing the enormous challenge of the digital transformation, through three events that give a cross-cutting view of the latest innovations and strategies applied to different industrial sectors covering everything from raw materials, mass and custom manufacturing, to process automation, smart connectivity and cyber-security”.

Click here to see a photograph of the signing of the agreement at an event held today at the CZFB headquarters.