Built up area: 16,606 m2

The Banc de Sang i Teixits (BST) blood and tissue bank is a leading public centre for the donation, analysis and treatment of blood and human tissue and for cell therapy. It is located on the waterfront, at the intersection of Passeig de Taulat with Bilbao and Lope de Vega streets, in the 22@ district.

It houses the BST offices and over 600 professionals. From this strategic enclave, blood components are supplied to all public and private hospitals and clinics of Catalonia: it caters to the potential needs of over eight million people.

The building, designed by the architectural firm SaAS, headed by Joan Sabaté, is a rectangular prism bearing concrete façades, with large pillar-free and multi-purpose spaces. It has 9,900 m2 of above ground floors – a ground floor and five storeys – as well as a basement floor of 6,700 m2.

The building won an Endesa award for the most sustainable property development and was a finalist in the Sustainable Energy Europe Awards. The building was sold by public tender in 2014 to Recober Investments, for 38.2 million euros.